The Sound Poets





This story begins in the summer of 2011, when two friends: Janis – the heart and soul of the band, along with Normunds – (electric guitar), decides to make a band with name – The Sound Poets. Undine (cello), Gints (bass) and Peteris (drums) joins them and real bands life begun.

Their first song – Emīlija, rocketed the band in the spotlight, and it didn’t took a long to be announced by a local music-media experts as probably the best pop-rock song of 2012 in Latvia. The following single “Kalniem pāri” attracted even more attention – 1st places on radio charts for several weeks. The Sound Poets releases an album “Tavs Stāsts” with local indie label I Love You Records. Album wins in local Grammy awards of the year 2013 in best pop-rock category.

Year 2014 starts with work on album “Reaching For The Light”, which will be released in April.